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screen flanders logoFlemish companies have been both early adopters and innovators in the field of audiovisual technology, placing them in the vanguard of new digital production and distribution methods. This creativity has helped small companies and family firms develop into significant players in the global entertainment industry. Barco’s state-of-the-art visualisation technology and Galaxy Studio’s Auro-3D immersive three-dimensional audio technology are just two examples of the innovative character of the region.

Productions coming to Flanders can choose from a wide variety of high-end audio and image post-production facilities, from simple rooms in quiet locations to grand studio complexes offering a wide range of technical and professional support. Flanders is also home to the biggest indoor water studio in the Benelux region, measuring 3,300 m², with a 35 x 25 m pool and multiple rental companies providing the latest lighting and grip equipment. These facilities have been used recently by international productions such as the BBC/HBO drama series Parade’s End, the BBC/Starz historical drama series The White Queen, Dreamworks’ The Fifth Estate, Kathrine Windfeld’s The Team and Terence Davis’ A Quiet Passion.

As for animation, whether you’re looking for stop-motion, motion-capture, 2D, or 3D/CGI, Flanders has it all.

An overview of the professional expertise available in the Flanders Region can be found in the Screen Flanders' online production guide and industry database on www.screenflanders.com.